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Product Reviewed:  Dr Sears Primal Force Accel CoQ10


Dr Sears Primal Force CoQ10 - click here!What is Primal Force Accel CoQ10? Do people say it is the fountain of youth?


According to Dr Al Sears, the person behind this, the benefits of Accel CoQ10 come from two major compounds: (1) CoQ10, which is touted to be the no. 1 source of energy, and (2) tocotrienols, which are the rarest forms of Vitamin E.


Dr Sears says, “ You see, vitamin E isn't just one vitamin. It's made up of two related but different groups of organic compounds: ‘tocopherols’ and ‘tocotrienols’. Look on the label of almost any multivitamin and you'll see something like "vitamin E as mixed tocopherols." That's because tocotrienols are harder to synthesize . . . so most vitamin companies don't make them. And most doctors don't mention tocotrienols to their patients.”


Your body normally uses the ingredient ubiquinone from CoQ10 to form ubiquinol. This is the magic or miracle ingredient that is responsible for keeping the body fit and young. Once you cross 45 years of age the ability of extracting ubiquinol from the ubiquinone of the CoQ10 declines drastically. The result is your body and mind gives in gradually to aging.


The research carried out on mice, according to Dr Al Sears and Dr Mae of Japan (who shared the new formula and research results with Dr Sears) showed that old mice behaved like youngsters once they were fed Accel. These mice aged 22 percent slower than the mice who have not taken Accel. Studies actually show that Accel CoQ10 slows aging by about 51 percent, which would actually mean that an 80 year old could extend his or her life until 121, all the while enjoying the best of health and fitness. Amazing! I thought so, too.


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When you read such wonderful news you desperately want the articles to be true. In this case too, you would have your fingers crossed hoping that this is indeed exactly what it says it is. In other words, you would want what all is being said about Accel CoQ10 to be true – it can fight aging, reduce bad cholesterol, prevent heart disease and generally improve the quality of your health post 50s. Well, it is true.


Once you cross the milestone of turning 50, most times you begin to consider your own mortality and become somewhat concerned about your heart’s health, sugar levels, memory loss, brain functions and other age related issues that seem common with senior years.


Doctors prescribe heart attack survivors and those who fall into the high-risk (of heart attack) statins. However, everyone knows that this is possibly not the best solution to the problem. Natural remedies such as Accel CoQ10 can do a much better job with little or no side effects. 

A review on explains the efficacy of CoQ10 succinctly, “ I have always been wary of statin drugs due to their CoQ10 depleting effects. CoQ10 is a potent antioxidant, it shuttles energy-providing fatty acids into the heart muscle, and it helps reduce insulin resistance which is part of the inflammatory condition that is at the root of most heart disease. So, CoQ10 has (…) heart protective effects ... at the very least, I recommend taking extra CoQ10, if you are going to take a statin.”  

Another interesting comment on this wonder compound states, “ You may have heard of the natural remedy CoQ10. In one instance that I know of, the formulation of this food supplement also contains tocotrienols which: 

* Boost heart arterial health to support healthy circulation
* Bring your cholesterol and soluble-fat blood levels into balance
* Help to keep your blood sugar levels normal
* Promote proper DNA and cell function

Together with tocopherols (other parts of Vitamin E) they give your body cardiovascular support by helping to squelch free radical damage. If you have any issues with male potency, fertility, family history of heart disease, arthritis and more (nightmare) conditions, read all you can, and try out some readily available natural remedy (ies). One I recommend you read about is Accel   


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In my opinion, Dr Al Sears has come up with a winner. This is because he has been able to converge two extremely potent compounds into one all-natural product that acts directly on all the major factors of aging. Accel CoQ10 is designed for fast absorption, high retention and exceptional efficiency. “Regular CoQ10 is sold to you as ubiquinone. When you swallow ordinary CoQ10 pills, your body first has to reduce the compound to ubiquinol - the most biologically active form of coenzyme Q10. Only then can you absorb the CoQ10 as a nutrient that can power your cellular metabolism. Accel Coq10 has already been reduced to ubiquinol before  you ingest it. This eliminates the intermediate process of reduction in your body, and enables you to absorb Accel directly - in one efficient, quick step - into your bloodstream.” 

People who have tried the new Accel CoQ10 cannot get enough of it like Mary F, who says gratefully, “I have my brain back! Hurray!!! I am only 57, but my brain was getting fuzzy. Within a couple of weeks of taking Accel the fuzz was gone, my memory was sharper, and my thought processes were clearer. After two weeks of Accel, I noticed a distinct improvement. I really wouldn't be without it. Thanks so much Dr. Sears, Accel has improved the quality of my life.”  


Patty is another happy customer of Accel, “I have tried other brands of CoQ10 and have never felt a difference. Once I started Accel, I felt incredibly better; my mind is sharp throughout the day and my energy is boundless. Thank you Dr. Sears!”  

Barry S from Greenbrae, Canada ecstatically states, “ I can tell you… I don’t miss a single day. Accel not only powers up your heart and brain; it slows down your aging speed. There’s nothing else like it – anywhere!”  

The testimonials that I found, though most of these are from Dr Al Sears various pages that describe the product, are extremely positive. The research is backed up by various scientific studies and it is true that CoQ10 is an amazing compound that fights aging.


I am inclined to heartily believe that Primal Force Accel is a great product because of two major reasons:


·        The findings and claims are supported by unrelated research studies, and,


·        Dr Sears has already established a brand for his products that spell ‘natural’ and ‘efficient’.


I am happy to recommend this product to everyone above 45.


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