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Up To 20 Minutes of Exercise a day (No More) Is All That it Takes To Stay Healthy And Build A Stronger Heart  


.... and as an added bonus, You Can Also Lose Weight and Build your Lung Strength as well– Find Out How  



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Website or Product Reviewed : Dr Al Sears PACE® Program 


Dr Sears program suggests that it’s not about how hard or how long that we are exercising that produces the best results, rather its more about whether we are exercising correctly with the right frequency that will give us the results that we so desire.


PACE - The 12 Minute Revolution - Click Here!You see, what the most pressing problem all over the world today is the inability for us to lose weight and keep it off no matter what we try. Add that to the fact that time now is such a valuable commodity that nobody seems to have enough of it these days.


This lack of time then can lead us to make poor food choices; we tend to choose foods that are perhaps not the best for us which promote the accumulation of fat. This then causes the inability of our bodies to balance our calorie intake and energy consumption. If we combine this with little or no physical activity we then put in place all the factors which ultimately lead us onto becoming overweight and left unchecked, will make us eventually obese.  


To understand this very process is so important as this is the one big thing that knocks your recovery after a heart attack, it is the obesity link.   


Dr Al Sears with his PACE® program brings to you some wonderful news. This is his secret that will possibly change your life forever. The secret is that exercising as you know it is perhaps not actually going to help you lose any weight. It is alright for you to dislike the gym, all the aerobics videos, and the jogging timetable; because all you need according to Dr Sears is 12 to 20 minutes of Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion (PACE) to trigger a continuous process of fat burning in your body.   


His program increases the capacity of your lungs to take in oxygen and with this one single and simple step, triggers a chain of reactions that will leave your body fat free in no time. You can literally see the fat melting away and you begin to get your old shape back in no time at all.   


The increased capacity of your lungs will give you another vital benefit as well; it will strengthen your heart and make it stronger once again. The added benefit to all this is that you will begin to lose weight. 


With the minimal low impact Pace exercise Program, it will ensure that you maintain a healthy heart, (as it is the ultimate in heart health exercise), it begs the question. Can there be anything better than this?   


 I have mentioned earlier that the PACE® program acts like a switch that activates fat-burning in your body. This then abolishes the popular belief that the more you exercise the more fat you burn. Rather, with this program the maximum time you need to spend on exercising should NOT exceed 20 minutes.  


Here is what Dr Sears tells you in his own words. “PACE® sessions can be as short as 10 to 12 minutes. And they NEVER should last more than 20 minutes. That means your body never has a chance to burn fat during exercise. During PACE®, your body burns carbs from muscle tissue.    


This triggers your "afterburn." When you finish your PACE® session, your body starts to burn fat to replace the carbs it has just burned. In fact, your body continues to burn fat for up to 24 hours after you finish!”  


To understand this very point that Dr Sears is making is vital as it will now start to make sense as to how your body releases its fat stores.  


Click Here To Visit Dr Sears Official PACE Website


It is simply wonderful to wake up in the morning and know that you are doing everything that you possibly can to minimize the risk of suffering from a heart attack and also boosting your heart’s health. At the same time you will be able to live an energetic life, this will lead onto your body becoming stronger and you will eliminate all of your past weight issues.    


The best part of his program is that it does not take months or years as other weight loss programs do. This is a lot faster than you can imagine and losing weight is actually a side-benefit of the program. The real benefit is becoming disease free without any drugs and ensuring that your heart is as healthy as it can be.   


Dr Al Sears MDThe principle of the program is simple. It aims to increase the intake of oxygen into your body by increasing the capacity of your lungs and preventing them from shrinking with age. This in turn ensures that your energy levels are raised, excess fat gets burnt and the anti-aging process gets activated by the dynamic regeneration of cells and tissues inside your body.     


Even if there is a history of heart attack in your family, this program would completely remove the risk from your life. Amazing? You can say that again.     


Another testimonial states “I lost the weight, but more importantly, I got my heart and lung capacity back up to where I NEVER get winded like I used to -- moving furniture, doing yard work, even playing pick-up football on Sundays (something I hadn't done since college. Plus I'm not sore and tired from hours in the gym. I don't spend hours at the health club or a lot of money on memberships. Everyone should give PACE a try!
I also recommend checking out Dr. Sears's Web site www.alsearsmd.com. That's where I signed up for the newsletter; it helped me get a handle on how his PACE program fits in with health and diet, which have really helped me stay fit. I ordered a few of his nutritional supplements and find I've got more energy than ever. More people should know about him.” 

As posted by J.T. on February 5, 2008 - actual user comment from Amazon.com  


This program is simply incredible. It completely challenges the old beliefs regarding the connection between strenuous exercises and health and proves at the same time that working smart is better than working hard.    

The fact that this program is offered to you by a renowned and well known MD with a practice of 15 years behind him would tempt you to at least try the program once.  The result are so remarkable that you would not only become a Dr Sears fan, but also recommend the PACE to everybody you know. You just cannot keep such wonderful news to yourself.    


Yet another review: “Many people ask me what is the best exercise. Traditionally we have been taught that aerobics is essential for improving cardiac fitness and resistance training builds muscle mass and strength. But are these really the best exercise systems?   

Al Sears, MD has been researching exercise systems for years and last year published an eBook on his system which involves interval training with a difference. His research shows that if you exercise for short intervals of 2 to 3 minutes with a one minute rest between and repeat this 4-5 times while increasing the intensity of each exercise interval, you will burn fat and lose weight and improve your health better than you can with either aerobics or resistance training.    


Now he has published the book in paperback and it is available at Amazon. I endorse this system and have had excellent feedback from patients who have tried it. It requires less time and yet yields much better health results in a shorter time. 
At Dr. Sears site he has written an extensive description of the system and its benefits, his book is titled “PACE - Rediscover Your Native Fitness” 

Posted May 2009 article on the June book of the month from the Wellsphere website.     


And yet another review speaks:“I have been on the pace program for over a year....This program is great. The other reviews that were negative were probably because they did not use the program the correct way. You have to get out of the thinking that more is better such as; long walks, pushing heavy objects for long periods of time and running long distances. Once you get out of the masses thinking you will have great benefits with this program. It has got me very fit and people do wonder if I spend long hours in the gym. When I tell them what I do they don’t believe me. Well, I know this is great and Al Sears is a very reputable doctor and I do recommend him highly.” 

As posted by Michelle Jones, - actual user comment from Amazon.com September 12, 2008  


I cannot but wholeheartedly (pun intended) recommend this program to everyone. This is something that would keep you healthy and youthful for as long as you live.    


This is like someone offers you the secret to the Fountain of Youth PLUS the bonus of staying healthy. This is a must-read for every person who suffers from, has suffered, or feels that they maye suffer in the future, any heart related problems.    


If you are looking for an effective, smart, revolutionary exercise program that delivers results, and is the ultimate in heart health exercise, go to Dr Sear's website and buy it today.   


Click Here To Visit Dr Sears Official PACE Website






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